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Game name Tickets Jackpot
Hoosier LottoBuy$23,300,000
Lotto MaxBuy$22,000,000
Classic LottoBuy$20,200,000

Game name Tickets Jackpot
MEGA MillionsBuy$15,000,000
Match 6 Lotto$770,000
Cash 5$125,000
Treasure Hunt$50,000

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Getting Pennsylvania lotto tickets on the internet: is a ticket buying agency that has affiliated with to give you the ease of buying Pennsylvania lotto tickets without even leaving your home. Save gasoline, save money, and still get your favorite numbers in the drawing. Plus, this also makes it easy to play the Oregon or any other lottery games right in your favorite hot spot - or any place else of course! It also makes it simple to play lottery games in other states around the planet - just by the click of your mouse. It's that easy. Simply register at - it's a very simple form, and you'll be viewing current global lotto results and buying lotto tickets online with ease. All in your home state of Pennsylvania.

You select the numbers, We buy, You verify

One of the excellent features that has is the "see the scan" program that will show you a copy of the physical lotto ticket that was acquired on your behalf. This was implemented to alieviate some of the skeptics' concerns with online lottery play. The Lotter also proudly states the fact that they have sent out over Twelve Million dollars in lotto winnings to their patrons to date.

Getting familiar buying your lottery tickets:

Using the Lotter is actually simpler than using the standard lotto ticket in the store. Simply click your favorite numbers and presto, you're order is done. It becomes quicker after your 1st session. This is a picture from theLotter number selection software down below this paragraph.

Just select your numbers from the yellow boxes and fill out the number of lottery tickets you need. The blue blocks are lotto tickets still needing to be filled in, and the yellow line represent where I am at in my tickets. Of course, the white squares are lotto tickets you've not filled in yet.

It's easy to select additional blocks of lotto tickets by clicking the tabs.

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